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Laserblast is an action packed group game at Cardiff Bay Activity Centre. Gather your friends, family or work colleagues, split into teams, and choose your mission!

This thrilling activity uses the very latest in gaming technology. Players will be kitted out with ‘Predator’ laser taggers, which are accurate up to 300m away, combined with targeting scope and hit detectors.

Participants are free to explore the exciting, adrenaline-fuelled Laserblast Zone, featuring various obstacles and netting to help shield you from your opponents whilst you try and tag them.

Laserblast is fun, safe and completely painless. The guns use infrared (similar to TV remote control technology), so are 100% eye-safe.


We offer a variety of different games and each has its own different missions. Most games last for 10-15 minutes and vary in objectives, such as team elimination, tank commander, capture the flag and many more. We like to mix up our missions and are open to any suggestions!