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RYA Keelboat Level 1: Start Sailing

This two day course is the first step for absolute beginners or those with basic knowledge looking for a different sailing challenge in a large, more stable boat, rather than a dinghy.

RYA Keelboat Level 2: Basic Skills

This two day course will build on the knowledge you learnt during your Level 1 course and improve your sailing skills.

RYA Keelboat Level 3: Better Sailing

This two day course is designed to consolidate the skills you learnt during your Level 1 and 2 courses, and teach you new skills.

RYA Keelboat: Seamanship Skills

A skill development course where you will learn about launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, man overboard recovery and anchoring.

RYA Keelboat: Sailing with Spinnakers

On this course, you’ll use a variety of our exciting asymmetric craft and learn everything you need to know about sailing with spinnakers.

RYA Keelboat: Start Racing

This course takes you through the fundamentals of getting off the start line and round the course.

RYA Keelboat Instructor

This five day course covers the RYA syllabus, instructional techniques, and preparation of sessions (afloat and ashore), and is moderated on the final day by a second coach / assessor.

RYA Keelboat Instructor Endorsement

This two day endorsement is for instructors who completed their qualification in dinghies / multihulls, but want to teach in small keelboats.